Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr. Bjarne Herrmann ( Denmark ) PhD , M. Eng . , B. Eng. is a Senior Structural , Civil and Project Engineering Expert with over 25 years of international experience in Project Management , Civil & Structural Engineering , Planning , Detailed Designs and Quality Assurance .  

He is currently the Project Director and Consultant for European CACEB wherein he is responsible for the design and construction of several new state railways in various parts of Europe .

During his career life, Dr. Herrmann was the Technical Director for the National High Speed Rail Corporation with responsibility for management , interface and overall design review of more than 100 km pre-stressed concrete bridges (earthquake design). He also worked as the Project Manager for the Copenhagen City Engineering Bureau and liaised with developers , contractors and designers for the commissioning of new buildings . Prior to this, Dr. Herrmann held Design Manager and Project Management Consultant positions for European CACEB with projects completed in Norway , Greece and other parts of Europe and Asia . He also worked as Civil/Structural Engineer , Design and Site Engineer for Giersing Rose A/S , Cowiconsult , Rambøll Denmark , F.L. Smidth , Norwegian Offshore Consultants , I - 68 , Structural Engineers and Risø National Laboratory .

Dr. Herrmann has PhD , Masters and Bachelors degrees in Civil Engineering . He has performed conceptual and detailed design of structures in Europe , Asia and Africa , including seismic areas and the North Sea .




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