Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Dr. Bernhard Farnbauer
( Germany )
, PhD ., MSc. , is a Senior Geologist with over 20 years of industrial experience in the oil/gas and mining industries . He is currently the Construction Manager of a major oil drilling company in the Middle East .


Dr. Farnbauer started his career as Mining Geologist of John F. Gillfillan Company in Sydney , Australia . He was also the professor of Applied Geology and Mining at the Universities of Erlangen and Hamburg in Germany . After finishing his doctorate degree, he taught Geology , mining and construction engineering courses at the University of Jos in Western Africa where he was also a Research Fellow for the German Academic Research Foundation . He took part in the research of alluvial sediments on the Jos Plateu to search for feasible mining methods including mapping of 500km on foot. He even established a geological model and authored a book on tertiary evolution of the plateau and related heavy mineral deposits .

During his career life, Dr. Farnbauer was a Shell Representative for 2D and 3D seismic data of Le Quantum Leap/Oceonics . In the same company, he also worked as Seismic Representative and Offshore Surveyor . He also became a Mining Engineer and Technical Manager for Le Quantum Leap and Edo Mining .

When the prices of raw minerals dropped in the late 80s, Dr. Farnbauer resorted to the oil business and began his career in another discipline as Supervisor and Construction Superintendent for Exxon Mobile in South Africa and Asia .

Dr. Farnbauer has a PhD degree in Geology and Mining , Masters degree in Soil Science and Bachelors degree in Applied Geology .



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