Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Barney Hayden ( USA ) B. Eng. is a Senior Process Expert with over 20 years of extensive experience in Process Design & Process Reactors , Process Plant Troubleshooting , Petroleum Refinery Processing , Refinery , Petrochemical & Process Plants Start-up , Commissioning & Troubleshooting and Process Plants Shutdown & Turnarounds .  

He is currently a Senior Process Consultant & Instructor for TAFE International wherein he provides consultancy services and lectures to process engineers and technicians of oil , gas and petrochemicals companies in the USA , Europe and the Middle East .

During his career life, Mr. Hayden worked as the Technical Manager & Advisor of Halliburton , Texas wherein he assisted in the restoration of Iraq 's oil fields to pre-war conditions. He was also the Project/Process Supervisor of Hydrochem Industrial Services wherein he was responsible for consulting and communicating with the customer's engineers and project managers on the importance of pre-commissioning start-up of Petrochemical and Power Plants and assisted the clients with completion of pre-commissioning and commissioning work for start-up . Mr. Hayden also worked as Process Supervisor , Process Trainer , Chemical & Step-Up Supervisor , Process and Chemical Technician to various companies such as National Methanol Company , Pritchard Corporation , Global Octanes Corporation , Quantum , Exxon and Gulf Oil Chemicals .

Mr. Hayden has a Bachelors degree in Engineering from the University of Houston , USA .




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