Petroleum Technology in a Green Environment

Mr. Amadeo Biasi ( Italy ), Ch. Eng. , C&I Eng. is a Senior Control & Instrumentation Engineer with over 25 years of industrial experience in the engineering , design , configuration , integration , installation and maintenance of Process Control Systems including DCS , PLC , SCADA , ESD , F&G , HMI and Networking Technology .  

He is an International Authority in the Safety Control Systems ( SIS , SIL , HAZOP , Automatic Shutdown ) for the Oil & Gas Pipelines , Pump Stations , Chemical , Petrochemical and Metallurgical facilities . He is currently the Control & Instrumentation Manager of Sistecom .

Mr. Biasi's experience includes Safety Instrumented Systems ( SIS ), Control & Safety Systems , Control Room lay-out & Panels Design , HAZOP & Safety Integrity Levels ( SIL ) Assessments , Plant Protection Logic , Functional Block , Logic Narrative and Cause/Effect Diagrams. During his career life, Mr. Biasi worked as Control Systems & Automation Manager/Consultant of Renco Engineering Services in Italy wherein he was responsible for providing controls systems expertise maintenance and troubleshooting support in order to ensure integrity , availability , and reliability , with a special emphasis on DCS , Fire & Gas , ESD systems and field instrumentation . He managed the overall preventive , corrective , and shutdown maintenance scheduling to ensure that work was executed in a safe and cost effective manner . He also held the same position in various companies such as BP Colombia , BP Exploration Company , ECOPETROL , Oleoducto Central , CerroMatoso , BECHTEL & HATCH .

Mr. Biasi's extensive skills and knowledge in Control & Safety Systems for Oil , Gas , Petrochemical and Metallurgical facilities can be traced back through his experience as Project Manager , Project Coordinator , Applications and Systems Engineer for several multi-national companies . These companies include Sistecom International , Asea Brown Boveri ( ABB ), EXXON Venezuela and IBM Company .

Mr. Biasi has Bachelors degrees in Industrial Chemical Engineering and Control & Instrumentation Engineering from the University of Guelph , Canada




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