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Gas Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery



Course Title
Gas Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery

Course Date / Venue
September 02-06, 2006 / Bateen Meeting Room, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Course Reference

Course Duration
Five days

Course Description
This course presents a complete and up-to-date overview of the Gas Sweetening, Liquid Hydrocarbon Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery with emphasis on gas plant process operations. The process flow sheets of several Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery Processes will be used to illustrate how the various operations differ. The advantages, limitations, and range of applicability of each process will be discussed so that its selection and integration into the overall plant is fully understood and appreciated.

Course Objectives
Upon completing this course, you will have a good understanding of Gas Sweetening, Liquid Hydrocarbon Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery. There are many methods that may be employed to remove acidic components (primarily H 2 S and CO 2 ) from hydrocarbon streams. The available methods may be broadly categorized as those depending on chemical reaction, absorption, or adsorption. Processes employing each of these techniques are described. Many of the processes result in acid gas streams that contain H 2 S that may be flared, incinerated, injected or fed to a Sulphur Recovery Unit. Various Sulphur Recovery Processes (primarily The Modified Claus Process) are discussed. You will also learn the basic vocabulary unique to the industry.

Who Should Attend
Participants should have previously taken PE 300 "Gas Conditioning and Processing Technology "course, or have a working knowledge of the processes involved. Those directly involved in supervising gas processing operations; managers involved in the planning and development of new gas processing facilities or modifying existing facilities; and engineers and technicians in the gas processing industry will find the course particularly relevant.

Course Certificate
Petrolab Engineering certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 75% of the total tuition hours of the course.

Course Fee
US $ 2,950 per Delegate. This rate includes Participant's Pack (Folder, Manual, Hand-outs, etc.) , buffet lunch, coffee/tea on arrival, morning & afternoon of each day.

Accommodation is not included in course fees. However, any accommodation required can be arranged by Petrolab Engineering at the time of booking.

Course Instructor
Mr. Mohammad Hamami.. More

Course Coordinator
Ms. Florabel Mateo: Tel: +971 2 6277405, Fax: +971 2 6277407, Email:

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