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Polymer & Polymerization Technology


Seminar Title
Polymer & Polymerization Technology

Seminar Date/ Venue
September 09-13, 2006 / Al Habari Meeting Room, Renaissance Hotel, Dubai , UAE

Seminar Reference

Seminar Duration
Five days

Seminar Description
Polymers are macromolecules built up by linking large numbers of smaller molecules. Due to their diverse physical properties, polymers have become central to a number of important industries, including plastics, rubber, adhesives, fiber, composites and paint industries. This seminar is a must for everyone working in polymer area. This state of the art seminar will cover the following important areas:

•  Polymer synthesis

•  Polymer micro-structure and morphology

•  Properties of polymers

•  Plastic materials

•  Processing of plastics

•  Applications of plastics

•  Polymer composites

Seminar Objectives
Upon the successful completion of this seminar, participants will gain the following:

•  Learning how polymers are synthesized, and understanding the practical use of the obtained polymeric materials

•  Working and consulting with renowned authority in this science

•  Finding out how to diagnose and solve practical problems in polymer synthesis, characterization and mechanical properties of plastic materials

•  Gaining a remarkable breadth of knowledge of polymer science - covering a variety of topics from polymer synthesis to plastic materials

•  Being able to solve their practical, work-related problems by discussing their work with polymer experts

Who Should Attend
Anyone concerned with polymers and their applications, including researchers, chemists, engineers, physicists, or technicians who work in or are beginning to work in this field. Also, managers in the polymer industry will greatly benefit from this in-depth seminar. The seminar is structured for all educational levels, from bachelor degree through Ph.D. No prior knowledge of polymer science is assumed.

Seminar Certificate
Petrolab Engineering certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 75% of the total tuition hours of the seminar.

Seminar Fee
US $ 2,950 per Delegate. This rate includes Participant's Pack (Folder, Manual, Hand-outs, etc.), buffet lunch, coffee/tea on arrival, m orning & afternoon of each day.

Accommodation is not included in seminar fees. However, any accommodation required can be arranged by Petrolab Engineering at the time of booking

Seminar Director
Dr. M. Akay ( UK ).. More

Course Coordinator
Ms. Faith Paniamogan, Tel +971-2-6277405, Fax: +971-2-6277407, E m ail:

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