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Gas Conditioning and Processing Technology


Course Title
Gas Conditioning and Processing Technology

Course Date / Venue
August 26-30, 2006 / Corniche Meeting Room (105), Millennium Hotel, Abu Dhabi , UAE

Course Reference

Course Duration
Five days

Course Objectives
This is an introductory course. Upon the su cc essful completion of this course, you will have a complete and up-to-date overview of gas conditioning and processing technology, including product specifications and the processes available to condition the gas to meet these requirements. You will understand the nature and purpose of key gas processing operations, and how the individual operations are integrated into plants to process diverse feed streams received from gas fields around the world. You will gain a working knowledge of the major processes for Dehydration, Acid Gas Removal (Gas Sweetening), Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Control (HCDP Control), LPG Production, NGL Recovery and Separation (Fractionation), Sulphur Recovery and Tail Gas Clean-up. You will also learn the basic vocabulary unique to the industry and the key physical and chemical properties of natural gas constituents. You will also learn the important considerations of the design and selection of key process equipment including Separators, Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Compressors, Valves and Towers.

Furthermore, in relation to Natural Gas Processing, participants will learn:

•  Basic properties of hydrocarbon gases and the behaviour of water-hydrocarbon systems.

•  How to calculate system energy changes.

•  Fundamentals of fluid flow and heat transfer.

•  Design and operational aspects of process control systems, separation equipment, pumping and compression facilities, and absorption and fractionation facilities.

•  Methods used fro dehydrating natural gas.

Training Methodology
This interactive training course includes the following training methodologies as a percentage of the total tuition hours:-

50% Lectures
30% Workshops, Group Work & Practical Exercises
20% Videos & Software

Who Should Attend
Those directly involved in supervising gas processing operations; m anagers involved in the planning and develop m ent of new gas processing facilities or m odifying existing facilities; individuals involved in the negotiation of contracts for the sale of Natural Gas, LPG and NGL Products; and newly e m ployed engineers and technicians in the oil and gas processing industry will find the course particularly relevant. The course is specifically designed to be of substantial benefit to both technical and non-technical personnel. Those employed in the activities that support the gas processing industry will also receive considerable benefit fro m the broad overview.

Course Certificate
Petrolab Engineering certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 75% of the total tuition hours of the course.

Course Fee
US $ 2,950 per Delegate. This rate includes Participant's Pack (Folder, Manual, Hand-outs, etc.) , buffet lunch, coffee/tea on arrival, morning & afternoon of each day.

Accommodation is not included in course fees. However, any accommodation required can be arranged by Petrolab Engineering at the time of booking.

Course Instructor
Mr. Mohammad Hamami.. More

Course Coordinator
Ms. Samah Al Manaama: Tel: +971-2-6277405, Fax: +971-2-6277407 , E m ail:

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