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Safety Auditing, Hazard Identification and Site Inspection
( USA BEAC Examination Preparation Course)


Course Title
Safety Auditing, Hazard Identification and Site Inspection ( USA BEAC Examination Preparation Course)

Course Reference

Course Date / Venue
June 24-28, 2006 / Al Nakheel 1&2, Movenpick Hotel, Dubai , UAE

Course Duration
Five days

Course Description
Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Management System auditing is an independent appraisal function undertaken by an organization to examine and evaluate its activities. The objective of HSE auditing is to provide information to those in management in support of decision making and to assist members of the organization in the effective discharge of their responsibilities. To this end, HSE auditing may furnish the organization with analyses, appraisals, recommendations, counsel, or information concerning the activities reviewed, the adequacy and effectiveness of the organization's system of HSE control, and the quality of performance. The information furnished to different members of the organization may vary in format and detail, depending upon the requirements and requests of those commissioning the audit(s).

Throughout the world HSE auditing is performed in diverse environments and within organizations which vary in purpose, size, and structure. In addition, the laws and customs within various countries differ from one another. These differences may affect the practice of HSE auditing in each environment. The implementation of these Standards, therefore, will be governed by the environment in which the HSE auditing function carries out its assigned responsibilities. Conformance with the concepts enunciated by the Standards is essential before the responsibilities of HSE auditors can be met.

This course is designed according to the guideline of the USA Board of Environmental,Health&Safety Auditor Certifications ( BEAC ). Participants who wish to become a BEAC® Certified Auditor (CPEA) can apply during the course period and Haward Technology will arrange for the BEAC Examinations.

Course Objective
This state-of-the-art course is designed by Haward Technology to prepare HSE auditors for the examination of the USA Board of Environmental,Health&Safety Auditor Certifications (BEAC). This course meets and exceeds the requirements for training the candidates for BEAC® Certified Auditor (CPEA). Upon the successful completion of this course, delegates will gain comprehensive skills and knowledge on:

•  HSE International Standards (ISO 14001, OHSA 18001, and OSHA PSM)

•  The major interrelated elements of the modern HSE Management System with underlying expectations.

•  Hazard Identification, Analysis & Control

•  Auditor's Ethics & Standards of Conduct

•  Audit Program Design and Management

•  Conducting Audit Engagements (Pre-Audit Activities, On-Site Activities, and Post-Audit Activities)

•  Audit of Internal Control Systems

•  Audit of Regulatory Aspects

•  Audit of Process Operations, Environmental Impacts and Related Control Technology

•  Auditor Personal Qualities and Communication

•  Site Inspection

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for environmental, safety and quality management system specialists who need to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, conduct, report, and lead audits of Environmental, health and Safety Management Systems.

Course Certificate
Petrolab Engineering certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 75% of the total tuition hours of the course.

Course Fee
US $ 2,950 per Delegate. This rate includes buffet lunch, coffee/tea on arrival, morning and afternoon of each day.

Accommodation is not included in course fees. However, any accommodation required can be arranged by Petrolab Engineering at the time of booking.

Course Instructor
Mr. Michael Roach ( UK ).. More

Course Coordinator
Ms. Florabel Mateo: Tel: +971 2 6277405, Fax: +971 2 6277407, Email:

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